Real Books vs e-Books

Real Books vs e-Books

I’ve been slowly working my way through an informative book on historical theology called Calvin’s Company of Pastors. I bought it as an ebook at a discounted price of about $5 on Amazon a few years ago.


Reading it on my Kindle, I found it somewhat frustrating as I couldn’t readily jot down notes in the margins. Now, I realise you can highlight and type notes in the e-book itself. But it’s not just the same as quickly writing a note on the page.

So I had a look at buying a physical copy…

USD$77 for a hardcover edition…

hmmm… I think I’ll stick to my $5 e-book edition!

Usually, e-books aren’t that much cheaper than physical books, making it a no-brainer for me which one to get. But in this instance, there’s no way I can justify the price differential for a “real” book. 🙂

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