GBA 2016

GBA 2016

I’m heading out to lecture the students at GBA once more.

This year, I’ve struggled greatly with my material. Pastor Roy asked me to lecture on “Reformed Church Administration”. If we spend a moment to break that down, I’m good with “reformed” and “church”. I can lecture on that, or prepare lectures on that no probs.

But “administration”….

Yes, it’s a weakness for me. Admin is not my strong point!

And when you combine all 3 words together tans it becomes “Reformed Church Administration”, I get the general gist, but a week long lecture series on it… ?!

Thankfully, by God’s grace (AND mercy!), I’ve been able to complete my material and am heading out today.

If you read this blog, please lift a quick prayer to me as I teach…that it would equip those students well so that they would do church in a way which is scripturally-grounded, Christ-centred, and God-honouring. All of which is what “Reformed Church Administration” is meant to be.


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