SLHCC Sermons

SLHCC Sermons


I’ve had a few people ask about podcasts of our Sunday sermons.

Previously, we used to update to iTunes, making podcasts an easy process for listeners – just subscribe and a new sermon gets downloaded automatically whenever it’s uploaded to the SLHCC site.

However, there’s something broken with the iTunes update that we can’t quite figure out…

So in the meantime, here’s a temporary fix.

Step 1:


Browse to and click on “Sermons”.

Step 2:


This will take you to the Sermons page.

Step 3:


Click the middle icon on the bottom of your screen (the one of a square with an arrow pointing up). From here, click on “Add to Home Screen”.

This will create a bookmark on your home screen that takes you straight to the Sermons page. It will look like this…


Hopefully, we can fix up the issue with iTunes podcast updates ASAP.


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