Who We Are

Who We Are

Sydney Living Hope Community Church

SLHCC began as a small church of 4 people, including the pastor, on Sunday, 25 February 2007. With the realisation of the need and lack of a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural Reformed church in Sydney, SLHCC was founded and planted by Rev Steve Oh with the prayer that SLHCC would grow in the hope that is in Christ alone (1 Peter 1:3-5).

While preliminary and preparatory services were held from late November, 2006, the official launch service was held on the last Sunday of February in 2007. That is why we give thanks on the last Sunday of February each year when we celebrate our Foundation Day.

SLHCC is the first church planted by a 2nd generation Korean-Australian pastor in Australia. As such, we are a pioneering church.


Foundational Basis

The foundational basis of the church is grounded on three key areas.

ORTHODOXY, which is about right teaching.

ORTHOPRAXY, which is about right living.

ORTHOKARDIA, which is about right heartedness.


Orthodoxy – Right Teaching

The Bible is at the centre of our church life. It is the basis of our praise, our teaching, our lives, and our desire to witness to the world.

Our aim is to know Christ revealed in Scripture.

Orthopraxy – Right Living

God demands the absolute necessity for right living in partnership with right belief. Correct teaching should always lead to correct living, and we affirm that a life motivated by the love of Christ will be a life that pursues holiness in all areas of life.

Our aim is to live as Christ revealed in Scripture.

Orthokardia – Right Heartedness

Simply emphasising right teaching and right living can result in empty legalism. The matter of our hearts cannot be neglected. By this, we mean the orientation of our affections and emotions. These need to be rightly directed toward God.

Our aim is to love Christ revealed in Scripture.


Vision & Mission

Under God, we seek to build up the Church of Christ, raising disciples who glorify God and enjoy Him forever.

To this end, we aim to be a community of believers following after Christ by:

  • Serving God in worship
  • Serving believers with nurture
  • Serving the world through witness.


Serving God in Worship

Worshipping God is a life of obedience and honour.

In a corporate sense, this worship is expressed as we meet together under God’s Word and lift our hearts and voices to Him in praise. We seek to be a joyful worshipping community as we unite in prayer, teaching, and fellowship.

In an individual sense, this worship is expressed daily as we strive to live in devotion to God in all we think, feel, say and do.


Serving Believers with Nurture

Nurturing through Teaching

As a church, the teaching of God’s Word is at the heart of our ministry. A practical, challenging and biblical ministry is our aim as we preach, teach, gather in small groups, and engage in private devotions.

Nurturing through Caring

The church is called to be a caring community that values fellowship. Through building networks of fellowship and through loving one another in practical ways, we aim to be a caring church God calls us to be.


Serving the World through Witness

Jesus came to seek and save the lost. As a church, we desire to obey Christ’s command to reach out and make disciples of all peoples. Witnessing to the world is one of the core markers of the church, and we seek to be a church that is accessible to non-believers.

And we stress the importance of individual witnessing in the world in the things we say and do.



Core Values

Our Core Values are an expression of what we are and wish to become as a local church. These values help to guide decisions and are deliberate anchor points as we develop our SLHCC culture.

Biblical & Spirit-filled

We affirm that as a church, we must use our minds and intellect to know God as He has revealed Himself in the Bible. But we also affirm that we must use our hearts and emotions in the worship of the One true God as revealed in the Bible.

Intellectual growth alone without emotional connection leads to drying up; emotional connection alone without intellectual growth leads to puffing up; intellectual growth with emotional connection leads to growing up.

Proactive & Prayerful

We affirm that as a church, we must be proactive in serving God. But we also affirm that we must be prayerful in seeking God.

We must do all that we can to serve and honour God, yet be mindful that only God alone is all powerful.

Historical & Contemporary

We affirm that as a church, we must be aware of our historical past. But we also affirm that we must understand our contemporary culture.

We need to focus on the present, yet acknowledge that the present is built on the past. We must look to the past to remember all that God has done and meant to His people. But we remember today is a new day, and seek fresh ways to carry the unchanging Gospel to a new age.

We are also reminded that many doctrinal errors of tomorrow can be avoided if we learn the lessons from the past.

Presbyterian & Evangelical

We affirm that as a church, we will be grounded in the Reformed and Calvinist theology and practice of the Presbyterian Church. But we also affirm that we will deliberately welcome those who hold a broader evangelical position.

This allows us to have the stability, accountability and denominational structure to govern SLHCC, but allows us the space to look to all that unites us as Christians.

Multi-ethnic & Multi-cultural

We affirm that as a church, we welcome people of all ethnicities. We also affirm that we welcome people from all cultures, insofar as English, which is our ministering language, is not an impediment to growth in maturity and community as a member of SLHCC.

God’s people are not limited by race, or colour. And we believe God has uniquely positioned and blessed us to be a source of encouragement and support for the people of God from other cultures and ethnic backgrounds.


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